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Statement from Susan C. Hogan,
chair of The Friends of WV Public Broadcasting:

“The move by the Senate Finance Committee to pass out a budget bill that removes all public funding from West Virginia Public Broadcasting runs counter to the discussions that we have had with Senators during this session. We understand the state’s need to save money, and we are willing to do our part, but if this bill becomes law, West Virginia Public Broadcasting will be forced to shut down and will become the only state in the country to lose its public broadcasting system. The Governor heard our calls and fully restored funding for West Virginia Public Broadcasting in his budget adjustment letter. Now we are asking our friends to call their Senator and tell them to amend the Senate Budget with full funding for public broadcasting or to vote against it.”

Senate President
Mitch Carmichael


House Speaker
Tim Armstead


Senate Finance Chair
Mike Hall


House Finance Chair
Eric Nelson


…it would be a huge blow, a crippling blow to West Virginia Public Broadcasting. And frankly, if it stays like it is, Mountain Stage will be off the air probably by the end of this June.”

Mountain Stage host Larry Groce


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